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“In times of greatest need, the Word leapt forth from the unknown, the unexpected. Throughout the millennia of human existence, in obscure country villages and opulent throne rooms across the earth, humble carpenters and enlightened princes spoke the truth of the universe until their very names – Jesus, Lao Tzu, Muhammad, and Buddha – radiated the beauty of the eternal Way.

“During the unusually warm spring of 1989, on the edge of the western plains of Minnesota, a new name joined them: Beecher Jones – husband, father, high school principal, unwilling messiah.”

From Chapter I: Art Benson

“…the Word spoke…and revealed the necessary truths,

The Number is three.
It is not holy.
It is not magical.
It simply is.
What you see,
The Earth Man,
The Matchi-auwishuk,
Evil itself,
Is incomplete.
It seeks the Number.

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