*****a book to read, ponder, and reread b

“If you liked The Shack or the works of Carlos Castenada, give this book a try. I enjoyed it even more, and felt the pain, pathos, loss, redemption and ultimate joy of the various characters was a believable progression. Having grown up in a small town, the realism of small town politics added a realistic backdrop that grounded the shamanistic elements.”

******Read it! Share it! byAnne DiCarlo

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It’s an easy read that draws you in and it has substance to the story. The more I read, the more difficult it was to stop. When I was at the end of the book, I stayed up quite late just to finish it!

“It seems that those of us who have actually read the book found it to be very well written and entertaining. I would ignore the comments written by those who haven’t read the whole book or are judging it by its cover.

“Great job and congratulations, Mr Frickstad! I hope more people discover and enjoy your writing!”

*****Fascinating book by Kelly A. Mazzuca

“This book had me hooked from the very beginning. It has complex characters and an interesting story line. It was amazing how it all came together in the end. When can we read more about the protagonist, Beecher Jones? I recommend this book.”

*****Fantastic Book b

“I loved the details in this book -the salmon loaf with creamed peas on the menu at the cafe-the fog-we have seen that in the swamps in northern MN and had salmon loaf with creamed peas at friends up north and it brings all the memories back to life. We have also taken pictures of ‘big foot’ prints along a gravel road in northern MN-who knows what lurks in the swamps???”

*****You will think twice next time it’s foggy outside 

“This was a great story from the Storyteller. It captures you from the first paragraph; has intersting and strangely familiar characters; and makes you think about life, love, faith and purpose. And it all began with the fog….”

*****A modern experience in mythic encounter b

“A great tale, it takes you in like it’s own storied mist and introduces you to very relatable characters in their mythic archetypes. An excellent travel through the awakening in all of us. I’m a very eclectic reader in general, and I loved it.”

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